Jobs Opportunity

Join the Nuuna Team

Nuuna team believes that to become the most successful Restaurant in Auckland, you not only need excellent individuals but a unique team culture. Working with excellent and mature team members is the most efficient way in achieving the best outcome from both business and personal professional development perspectives.

Our Open Book Management

With excellent experience and a professional background from the Head Office Team, we take business seriously. We utilise an Open Book Management approach to our business and we confidently teach and show all our team members the critical numbers of the business. Team huddles take place weekly on Thursday where we analyse the critical numbers from the previous week and forecast for the next day. This ultimately allows each team member to visualise from a business owner's perspective to determine how the business is performing, we win or lose together as a team.

Performance Incentive Programme

The Performance Incentive Programme (PIP) is part of the reward system in our business. The entire team shares 1% of turnover weekly if we hit our weekly target based on what’s been set in our Annual Plan. Every member will have full control of those critical numbers in order to manage every individuals’ own rewards.

Employee Professional Development

Our company works closely with the best coaching team, The Hospitality Company. In addition, we offer our staff a great opportunity for growth with the professional career development course, which is exclusively offered for members of the Hospitality New Zealand & Restaurant Association.